Graffiti University Comics are a series of comic books based on the true stories of children growing up in Memphis, Tennessee. These comics are designed to help educate children across America about drugs, gangs, guns, bullying, and jails.

From the artist: Ashshahid Muhammad

Shahid 1

Artist Ashshahid Muhammad

From my experiences coming up as a little boy in Memphis, I learned a lot while walking to school and from school. With my experiences of the streets, I want to give back to the community to help make it a safer place for the youth. These comics are designed as blueprints to save our youth from the streets. I am often asked to visit schools and nonprofit organizations and speak to the youth on my experiences, and am more than happy to mentor wherever I can.

Graffiti University Comics are never designed to glorify the street life. On designing these comics, I wanted to share the stories of beautiful people who have lost their dreams of life to the streets. These comics speak for the unheard, unknown, and voiceless people throughout America. On studying these comics, our youth can learn so much from the characters’ experiences.

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